Client Testimonials

“Looking for a good law firm can be very daunting, and frustrating but Mohammed Abuershaid at ALL trial lawyers was in contact with me from start to finish and was always available to answer any questions. Highly recommend!”
Hamza L.
Previous Client
"I had been accused of a crime I did not commit and was set to go to trial. I then contacted and hired the A.L.L. trial team. From day one they were kind courtous and to the point. Once hearing me out they took care of every step then after.i felt they were the right decision on my part and felt an abrupt feeling of relief once they took charge. Considering current times(with covid 19) they were able to had my case diligently without hassle and got me a fair outcome in my favor. Now to be able to be out in public without thoughts of being arrested or detained for something I didn't do is such a great weight of my shoulders. I'm able to enjoy and live my life to the fullest! Thanks again for all your help!"
Eric C.
Previous Client
"I highly recommend Mo and the ALL Trial Lawyers team!

From the first message and phone call, I felt heard and was treated with respect. They are a very determined and professional firm. They helped me when I didnt know where else to turn! Mo handled my case flawlessly and got the most ideal outcome possible.

I was given the very convenient and generous option of a payment plan. It made things much easier on me and their service was worth every penny! Mo was always a text/call/email away anytime I had a question or needed clarification. I was updated on absolutely everything in a very timely manner.

Mo helped me through one of the most difficult times of my life. I'm so grateful for his hard work and years of professional experience.

He did an amazing job. I can't thank them enough!!!"
Stephanie S.
Previous Client
"My case was something a bit complicated... I never been arrested in my entire life and one single little thing messed up my life... I thought my life was over and I had no future, but I always trusted God that he will send His army to prove my innocence. Sure enough, in a blink of an eye, I got my response from Mo Abuershaid Lee from Le Trial Attorneys and oh boy, when Mo talked to me, he did it with such confidence, knowledge and positive mindset and told me not to worry about anything and that he'll take care of me. Long story short, my case has been dismissed, no charges were file against me and I didn't even had to go to court! I'm forever grateful with Mo and this law firm and I'm definitely recommending this business. They will never disappoint you even if you feel like there is no hope... just talk to Mo and he'll give you hope back"
Jacky E.
Previous Client
"I am so happy that I found this team to help us out with a legal issue my husband and I were having. Mo was the one who specifically helped us out. He was patient, reliable, kind, and answered any questions we had at any given time. They're very professional but at the same time, they're very easy to work with and talk to. I would strongly recommend them to anyone who is looking for help with a legal issue. You won't be disappointed!"
Ashita K.
Previous Client
"My experience with All Trial Lawyers, specifically Mo Abuershaid was extraordinary. He was very communicative, understanding, compassionate towards us, and made himself available for questions at any point. Mo assured me from the start that he would help my family with a legal issue and followed through in the end. Overall, this law firm is professional, diligent all while being understanding of a situation. I highly recommend them."
Alicia L.
Previous Client
"I had the pleasure of working with Mo from ALL Trial lawyers. From day one Mo answered my one million phone calls, and always answered all my questions and concerns. I never had a lawyer go above and beyond the way Mo has for me. Due to certain circumstances I had a stressful dependency case, and Mo always reassured me that he would get my son back. He was extremely knowledgeable, and always gave me realistic expectations that he has always fulfilled. He had a reputable reputation in the court room; everyone seemed to know him well which is always beneficial. My son was returned to my custody within a short time. I will forever be grateful to Mo for that. During the dependency case I was in school and training to become a mortgage loan originator, and you can not have any felonies within the past 7 years. Being pleased with the dependency cases results I chose to hire him to expunge my previous criminal history. Mo personally called the licensing board to determine what types of dismissals were permitted when it comes to becoming a MLO. He then proceeded the necessary dismissals to insure that my criminal history would pass the screening to get me my license. If you are looking for an attorney that you can rely on, and that will always be honest with you he is your guy! He will always respond to your messages promptly, and I promise you he is worth every penny!!!"
Roxanne C.
Previous Client
"The best lawyer in the world Mohammed Abuershaid! He saved me and my family from the worst imaginable nightmare! Without his professionalism and expertise we wouldn't know what to do. From the beginning he was personable and caring. He was always consistent, a lawyer that cares about how you feel and your needs. He made sure i wouldn't stress or worry and Always assured me that he would win our case and he did! CPS Had caused us the worst grief and pain we have ever gone through, And he was able to keep us and our children together through the whole process. The accusations and threats were more then we could deal with but with Mohammed's help and never ending hard work he was able to win our case!
This is the kind of lawyer you WANT, ALL Trial Lawyers gave me a free consultation and listened. I highly recommend ALL Trial Lawyers to anyone dealing with cps just call they will help you right away and they care!"
Marley J.