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Termination of Parental Rights Cases in Riverside: What You Need to Know in 2024

January 6, 2024

Termination of Parental Rights Cases in Riverside: What You Need to Know

Termination of Parental Rights Cases in Riverside: What You Need to Know

Termination of parental rights is a legal process in which a court ends the parent-child relationship between a parent and their child.

In Riverside, California, termination of parental rights cases is handled by the Juvenile Dependency Court, a specialized court that deals with cases involving child abuse and neglect.

The Juvenile Dependency court handles juvenile dependency cases and CPS cases.

Legal Grounds for Termination

There are several legal grounds for the termination of parental rights in Riverside. These include:

  1. Severe or chronic abuse or neglect: If a child has been subjected to severe or chronic abuse or neglect by their parent, the court may terminate the parent’s rights.
  2. Abandonment: If a parent has abandoned their child, the court may terminate their rights.
  3. Failure to support or communicate with the child: If a parent has failed to support or communicate with their child for a prolonged period of time, the court may terminate their rights.
  4. Criminal conviction: If a parent has been convicted of a serious crime, such as child abuse or neglect, the court may terminate their rights.

Consequences of Termination

The consequences of termination of parental rights are severe and long-lasting. If a parent’s rights are terminated, they will no longer have any legal relationship with their child.

They will not be able to make decisions about the child’s upbringing and will not have any visitation rights. The children will either be placed in foster care or adopted by another family.

Contesting a Termination of Parental Rights Petition

If a parent faces termination of parental rights petition, they have the right to contest the petition and fight for their relationship with their child.

It is highly recommended that they seek the help of a CPS lawyer specializing in terminating parental rights cases in Riverside.

A CPS lawyer can help parents understand their rights and the legal process, gather evidence to support their case and represent them in court.

They can also help parents negotiate with social workers and other professionals involved in the case to ensure their voices are heard, and their interests are protected.


If you have been accused of abuse or neglect, it is crucial to get a CPS lawyer as soon as possible. You deserve to have a lawyer who will help you fight to get your children back.

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The termination of your parental rights is a serious matter that can have long-lasting consequences for both parents and children.

If you are facing a termination of parental rights petition in Riverside, it is crucial to understand your rights and seek the help of a CPS lawyer.

With proper legal representation, you can fight for your relationship with your child and protect your interests.

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