Yareem Lopez
Yareem Lopez is a Case Manager with over eleven years of experience in criminal defense. Through her extensive experience, Yareem provides the legal team the support which has helped provide outstanding results for all of our clients in California. A top attorney mentored Yareem for nine years, which allowed her to learn the practice areas of Probate, Family Law, and Estate Planning. In addition, her many years of experience have exposed her to many areas of the law and familiarity with all the courts in California.

Yareem enjoys hiking, surfing, and volunteering to help animal rescues in her free time.
Janie Almeida
Janie Almeida is a Case Manager with nearly six years experience in the Personal Injury field. Through her acquired knowledge in the field, she has aggressively advocated for the rights of injured workers. Janie has an impeccable rapport with clients due to her ongoing commitment to maintaining a high level of communication and transparency. Through her fiery desire for winning and achieving excellent client results, she has helped recover millions on behalf of injured workers.

Janie enjoys cooking, watching movies, and spending quality time with her family in her spare time.