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If you or a loved one is tasked with appearing in court in Orange County, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Riverside or San Diego to face criminal charges, it is important that the attorney on your side is not only experienced and versed in the law, but also committed to you and your case. At ALL Trial Lawyers, our team wastes no time and will begin on your criminal case right away. Our lawyers work collaboratively on each case, so our clients are assured their case is getting the level of attention it rightfully deserves.

Our reputation as zealous advocates among judges and prosecutors in and throughout Southern California have allowed us to deliver tremendous victories to our clients in all courts throughout Orange County, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Diego and San Bernardino.

Our past victories are indicative of the level of expertise, experience and dedication we bring to our client’s cases. We have collectively over 25 years of legal experience, and during that time, we have seen many people becoming taken advantage of and mistreated in the courts and by law enforcement (i.e., malicious prosecutions, unlawful warrantless searches, wrongful convictions, poor plea bargain deals or settlements). This was not something we enjoy seeing, and that is why ALL Trial Lawyers is dedicated to fighting and zealously protecting the rights and liberties of the criminally accused throughout Southern California.

Proven Results

  • People v. J.M. – Domestic Battery and Child Abuse. NOT GUILTY BY JURY after trial.
  • People v. O.A. – Felony D.U.I. with two GBI enhancements. REDUCED to wet and reckless.
  • People v. C.J. – Sales of 950+ grams of marijuana. DISMISSED after motion to suppress.
  • People v. N.T. – Sexual Battery (rape by intoxication). NO CHARGES FILED after pre-filing investigation.
  • People v. T.B. – Second Degree Robbery (Pen. Code 212.5c). REDUCED to misdemeanor battery.
  • People v. L.M. – Resisting an Executive Officer (Pen. Code 69). DISMISSED after motion to suppress.
  • People v. J.W. – D.U.I. with Marijuana – NOT GUILTY BY JURY after trial.
  • People v. K.J. – Theft at Nordstrom. NOT GUILTY BY JURY after trial.
  • People v. M.S. – Felony Strike Battery Causing Serious Bodily Injury – NOT GUILTY BY JURY after trial.

Let Us Tell Your Story

There is no case too big or too small. Our experienced criminal defense attorneys have litigated cases throughout Orange County, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, San Diego and Riverside, involving criminal charges of all severities, including but not limited to: driving under the influence (D.U.I.), burglary, robbery, homicide, sexual assault, drug sales, drug possession, felony and misdemeanor vandalism, petty theft, grand theft, vehicle or auto theft, domestic violence battery, assault and battery, assault causing great bodily injury, assault with a deadly weapon, white collar crimes, juvenile defense and more.

Our criminal defense lawyer team works on every criminal case collaboratively, meaning you will have multiple legal minds analyzing your case— not just one. We start each case the same way: each attorney on the team independently reads and critiques the discovery or evidence in your case. This includes police reports, medical records, watching video or audio surveillance or body worn cameras. The team then, after several meetings, collaboratively designs a plan to deliver you the best results possible for your criminal case. This plan often includes investigating and/or interviewing potential witnesses and alleged victims, consulting experts (medical, DNA, toxicologist, fingerprint, etc.). Our ultimate goal is to deliver the best results that can be achieved in your case— whether that be way of an outright dismissal, a favorable plea bargain deal or an acquittal of the charges at trial.