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Soccer Legend Hope Solo Arrested on DWI

April 2, 2022

hope solo dwi

Soccer Legend Hope Solo Arrested on DWI

Two-time gold medalist and World Cup winner Hope Solo was arrested on charges of driving while impaired (also commonly referred to as driving under the influence of alcohol), child abuse, and resisting arrest in Winston-Salem. Winston-Salem Police Department confirms that they arrested Hope Amelia Stevens, known professionally as Hope Solo, in the parking lot of a Winston-Salem business on Parkway Village Circle.

According to court documents and sources, the allegations are that a passerby observed Solo “passed out behind the wheel for over (sic) hour” with the engine running and two kids in the backseat. Sources also claim that officers allegedly could smell alcohol, and she refused to take a field sobriety test, and her blood was drawn. Solos’ license was also allegedly revoked.

Based on the alleged facts, Hope Solo could also have a Child Protective Services (CPS) case opened against her because of the fact that her children were in the back seat. CPS could open a case to see whether or not she is a fit mother and whether or not her children should be removed from her custody. It is unclear whether or not this is Solo’s first driving while impaired offense and how the District Attorney will proceed in charging Solo.

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