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Pedestrian Accident Attorney Garden Grove, CA

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Why Work with a Pedestrian Accident Attorney – Garden Grove, CA, Residents Need Experience

California is full of bustling towns and cities, best experienced on foot. However, you must deal with speeding motorists and distracted drivers, which makes the roads in this state quite dangerous for those who want to get more steps in.

If a motorist hurt you, you need a pedestrian accident attorney in Garden Grove, CA. All Trial Lawyers can assist with your personal injury case.

These collisions often result in catastrophic injuries and could devastate your and your family’s lives. Therefore, you need a trustworthy legal team to help you investigate the claim thoroughly and offer strong representation through all stages of the proceedings. Please call (866) 811-4255 for a free case review today!

Do I Have a Personal Injury Case? How Do I Know?

Filing a claim is challenging because you must gather evidence, fill out paperwork, and negotiate terms with insurance companies. Before going through this journey, you want to know whether it’s worth it. Each case is different. The only way to determine the strength of your case is to speak with an experienced attorney.

However, many successful claims have these elements in common:

  • You Didn’t Go Online to Talk about the Incident – After traumatic events, it’s natural to seek advice and support from your family and friends through social media. However, discussing your injuries, claim, or accident might hurt your chance of getting a fair settlement. Insurance companies and other opposing parties might screen those posts to find information that can challenge your case. For example, you publish a post about recovery and mistakenly downplay your injuries. The insurance company might use those comments to dispute damages. At All Trial Lawyers, our attorneys might ask you to deactivate all social media accounts until the case has been resolved to ensure you don’t say/do things that might impact your outcome.
  • You Sought a Diagnosis Quickly – Whether you got a catastrophic head injury or suffered minor scratches, it’s crucial to get medical treatment immediately after an accident. Most serious conditions can present with few or no symptoms. Procrastination may result in a worsened condition, which leads to more costs. Likewise, the insurance company could discover that you waited to seek a medical assessment or skipped it. It might argue that your negligence was the reason for damages; therefore, you are liable. Overall, it’s wise to go to a doctor or hospital immediately after leaving the accident scene.
  • You Did Not Ignore the Doctor’s Instructions – Prompt diagnoses are only part of your duty here. You must take appropriate steps to mitigate all damages. Therefore, you should follow your healthcare provider’s orders diligently to avoid claims from the insurance company that you are responsible for the damages. For example, orders to rest and take time off work. If there is evidence you were at work despite these orders, opposing parties could argue that those actions worsened your condition, which might reduce your financial reward.

Preparing for a Free Case Evaluation

The initial consultation allows you to get answers, gain insight into the weaknesses and strengths of the case, and determine how the attorney approaches the claim.

We realize you want to get as much as possible from this opportunity. The best way to prepare for the case evaluation is to compile the evidence collected. Make sure you are ready to share evidence with the attorney when you come to the office. 

Here are some items you should bring along:

  • Medical Records about Your Condition – A complete set of medical records is a crucial asset for a personal injury case. The documents will help you show the injuries you sustained, what procedures you’ve had, the limitations you now have, and how the damages are related to the collision.
  • Financial Documentation for Expenses Related to the Accident – Personal injury cases don’t focus solely on medical bills. For example, if you had to stop working to heal from your injuries, the attorney can use employer letters, tax returns, and paystubs to show that you deserve restitution for those lost earnings. You may also get these recoverable costs: home modifications, childcare, and alternative transportation.
  • Written Accounts of Your Accident – Even minor details might play a crucial role in fighting for your fair settlement. For example, seeing surveillance cameras at the accident scene could provide footage proving the other party was responsible. Keeping a personal account of what happened before, during, and after your incident is helpful so an attorney can use written testimony to guide the investigation. Keep these questions in mind when writing your record: 
    • What did you do before getting hit by the motorist?
    • Were there onlookers?
    • What did the driver say right after the incident?
    • Did you get the contact details of the other parties?
    • What types of injuries do you have now?
    • Did the police arrive at the scene?

Personal Injury Journal – Serious injuries can affect you mentally and physically. For instance, your injuries led you to suffer extreme pain and discomfort, which might lead to pursuing non-economic damages. These losses represent the damages beyond money printed on invoices and paystubs and can include losses like consortium and mental anguish. Your personal injury journal might help track symptoms, pain levels, limitations, and other effects that might assist us in preparing your claim.

Call to Talk to a Pedestrian Accident Attorney!

Garden Grove, CA, residents could be injured while walking to work or when crossing the road in the crosswalk. Likewise, you may have been on another person’s property when the event occurred. Regardless, you deserve compensation for your injuries and pain, and suffering.

All Trial Lawyers take calls and offer free consultations to those in need. Do you think you have a case? It’s crucial to receive answers, and the first step is to call (866) 811-4255 or use the free form to get in touch with us!

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