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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer San Diego, CA

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer San Diego

A Competent Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in San Diego, CA, Can Help You Get Compensation!

Motorcycle accidents are serious. While there are the lucky few who escape with no injuries, the reality is that many find themselves with moderate to severe effects on their quality of life. Getting the compensation you deserve from a negligent person can be challenging, especially with insurance companies who should be on your side but usually want to avoid paying out. Take advantage of our over 25 years of experience at All Trial Lawyers, during which we have fought for injured motorcyclists. We will evaluate your case for free, and if chosen to represent you in your personal injury claim, we will do all we can to ensure all applicable damages are paid for in full.

Why Are Motorcycle Accidents Especially Concerning?

Of all the kinds of accidents that could lead to personal injury, motorcycle crashes are some of the worst. Unlike standard passenger vehicles that at least offer some level of coverage, a motorcyclist is exposed. While wearing safety gear can offer some level of protection, it’s often not enough to combat the severe injuries that may follow. The reality is that when someone smashes into a motorcycle, the rider is often thrown off their vehicle. The resulting impact could mean blunt force trauma resulting in traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord damage, or more.

How Most Motorcycle Accidents in San Diego Happen

Typically negligence is to blame for most of the motorcycle accidents that happen. A common trend is that drivers disobey traffic laws or aren’t paying proper attention and end up seeing the motorcycle when it’s too late. Rear-end accidents are among the most common, which tend to happen when drivers are too close or distracted. The injuries that follow are typically very devastating. Head-on collisions are also known for fatalities, alongside some of the most severe injuries. When you have two opposing forces, one of them is an uncovered motorcyclist, it’s a recipe for disaster. Bikers may also be victims of T-bone accidents in which they get struck from the side, leading to injuries that often impact their quality of life.

What Kinds of Injuries Can Occur from Motorcycle Accidents?

A list of injuries could be on the horizon following a motorcycle accident. It’s possible to suffer:
  • Facial injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Burn injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Paralysis
  • Internal organ damage
  • Loss of limbs
  • Broken bones
Bear in mind that there are more possibilities than this. Regardless of the injury type, you can rest assured that All Trial Lawyers has a dedicated and experienced team of attorneys that has successfully represented others and can do the same for you.

How All Trial Lawyers Helps Clients After a Motorcycle Accident?

As you heal from your injuries and try to adjust to your new life, you need support in getting the compensation you deserve. That’s where we come in. Our lawyers are willing to represent you passionately and aggressively. This means doing all the required due diligence in an independent investigation to establish fault and all the associated circumstances that led to the crash. It also means communicating on your behalf with insurance companies since they’re known to try swindling injured people out of settlements under the guise of caring. Though we’re handling everything, we understand you may have questions or concerns we must address. We take those seriously too. Should our attempts to settle not be taken up by the negligent party, we will represent you effectively if the case ends up at trial.

What Should You Do After a Motorcycle Accident in San Diego?

Even though we’re prepared to go the extra mile for you, the success of our efforts hinges on your assistance at the onset. So, follow this quick guide for what to do after a crash.

Get Medical Attention

The top priority is your health and Wellness. Even if you feel fine, you never know what could be happening on the inside. Seek medical attention for yourself and anyone else who may need it if incapacitated. Apart from ensuring you are well, this process also creates documentation to help us secure a medical expense claim.

Collect Relevant Evidence

There’s a lot of helpful information available immediately after the crash, such as the names and contact information of those involved in the accident and witnesses, photo and video evidence of the crash site, images of the negligent party’s documentation, etc. Try to collect as much as possible.

Complete a Police Report

An entire case can fall apart because no statement was provided to the police. Typically, an officer will be called to the scene of the accident. If this is not the case for you, as soon as you can do so, travel to the police station that serves the area and provide a statement. A police report can be the very thing that secures your victory during a trial.

Call Your Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Once you’ve done everything else, contact your motorcycle accident lawyer in San Diego, CA, as soon as possible. That way, you can get insights on what actions to take and what to avoid to improve your chances of a successful settlement. For example, if the negligent party’s insurance company should contact you, do not comment without your lawyer. Even if you feel fine at this point, a simple statement such as “I don’t feel too bad” can be used by the same company that pretended to care, as it tries to insinuate that you are well.

A Professional Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in San Diego Is Waiting to Talk to You!

A motorcycle accident is no joke; unfortunately, your life could take a turn for the worst after being a victim of one. Even so, you deserve to be fairly compensated by whichever negligent party puts you in this position in the first place. Allow the excellent team at All Trial Lawyers to represent you. We have a proven track record of success and will continue to deliver our clients the best in personal injury legal services. Call us today at (866) 811-4255 for a free consultation.
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