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Is Your Juvenile Dependency / CPS Lawyer Competent?

May 24, 2022

you need competent and experienced juvenile dependency and CPS lawyers

Is Your Juvenile Dependency / CPS Lawyer Competent?

If a juvenile dependency case is in your future, you’ll likely have a long road ahead of you. There are many stages you’ll be required to go through in order to accomplish what is the final goal for most parents – reunification. To get to that point, parents must make sure they are meeting all of the deadlines and fulfilling all of the requirements that the court places on them.

Working with an experienced and successful juvenile dependency lawyer is always a good idea in cases like this because any mistake could have devastating consequences for both parents and children.

Hiring a Juvenile Dependency Lawyer

Aside from the incredibly high stakes involved in all dependency cases, there are pressing deadlines and numerous requirements that most people cannot handle on their own.

From hearings and conferences to petitions and reunification requirements, there are an enormous number of factors to keep up with. Many parents find that working with a lawyer relieves some of the stress associated with this process.

If you decide to obtain legal counsel to help you get your children back, be aware that time may not be on your side when getting prepared for the first hearing. However, this doesn’t mean should hire the first dependency attorney you find.

You’ll want to choose a compassionate and competent attorney who you can trust. While these characteristics are important in a broad sense, the parameters for competency are also specifically laid out in the California Rules of Professional Conduct.

Competent Counsel

What does competent mean exactly when referring to legal counsel? It requires that lawyers use their skill, knowledge, and full ability to perform the necessary functions of their legal services. This rule also stipulates that ability refers to physical, mental, and emotional abilities.

These conduct rules state that attorneys cannot intentionally, negligently, or repeatedly fail to perform necessary legal services with competence. In essence, the State Bar of California uses this professional code of conduct to hold lawyers to a high standard and attempt to protect clients from any wrongdoing committed by their legal counsel.

While attorneys may be competent, it does not mean that they are experienced. You must be careful when retaining a juvenile dependency attorney. Here are some questions you should ask:

  • How many dependency cases have you handled?
  • Do you have the required legal training to handle CPS / Juvenile Dependency cases?
  • Do you have any reviews or testimonials from former clients?

Your Dependency Case

Working with a lawyer will provide you with the best idea of what to expect throughout the process because each case brings unique circumstances and requirements. In general, however, California juvenile dependency cases include some combination of the following:

In addition, there are petitions that you or Child Protective Services (CPS) may file in certain situations to request a change to an existing order or to update a child’s placement.

Finding a lawyer who is competent in all areas of juvenile dependency court procedures is crucial to give you the best chance at reunification with your children.


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