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CPS & Juvenile Dependency Attorney Beverley Hills, CA

Juvenile Dependency Beverley Hills

Were you recently accused of child neglect or child abuse?  It is crucial to work with a lawyer who understands this incredibly stressful time for you. However, the government will likely conduct its investigation, whether you’re innocent or not. Therefore, you need protection and appropriate legal assistance.

Beverly Hills, CA residents deserve a reputable attorney to represent them aggressively in the courtroom. Our team has handled over 150 dependency cases throughout the surrounding areas.

Child Protective Services is a crucial agency to help vulnerable children, but even they can make mistakes. If you have been wrongly accused, let us fight on your behalf!

The Law Pertaining to Dependency Cases

For many reasons, someone can open a dependency case in Beverly Hills, CA. We often turn to the Welfare and Institutions Code 300 because it details the types of situations that might arise when a guardian of a child or parent is accused of abuse and neglect by CPS, a government agency. 

Most cases arise after someone witnesses something they believe to be neglect or child abuse. That person will report it to the many agencies available to them. These include local police departments, DPSS (Department of Public Social Services), CPS (Child Protective Services), and emergency responders.

Once a case gets reported to any of those agencies, the Department of Public Social Services must open an official investigation. DPSS sends employees to the child’s home to assess the situation and examine everything. This generally includes interviews with the guardians or parents of the child, but the child also undergoes a one-on-one consultation.

There are countless reasons for a child to be removed from their home and dependent on the court system. Though it usually seems simple initially, these are highly complex cases that feature many subtleties and nuances. Therefore, a professional must be involved, and our team understands dependency law at its core to represent your and your child’s interests.

Reasons for a Child to Be Removed from Home

It’s essential to understand the many reasons for a child to be removed from their home. The list below isn’t exhaustive, but it will give you some indication of what’s at stake for the children and parents involved:

  • The child was severely and physically harmed or at risk of severe physical harm. 
  • The child is being sexually abused or at risk of sexual abuse. 
  • The parents or guardians harmed the child through neglect by failing to give them shelter, food, clothing, or medical care.
  • The child was left alone and unattended without the means to support themselves.
  • A guardian or parent caused the death of a child by abuse or neglect.
  • A guardian or parent knew that a child was sexually abused and did nothing to stop it.

What Happens to the Child During an Ongoing Case?

When the dependency case is ongoing in Beverly Hills, CA, the court generally decides where the child will reside. The judge will focus on what’s in the best interest of that child. Likewise, the situation depends on the allegations against that parent or guardian. If things are severe, such as physical harm or sexual abuse, CPS will likely remove the child from home.

In certain circumstances, CPS might put the child in foster care during the ongoing dependency trial and proceedings. However, the judge might also allow the child to live with another close family member if appropriate. Often, the parent or guardian will not see the child during that time.

Sometimes, the child can stay in the parent or guardian’s home during the trial or proceedings—though rare — under CPS and court supervision until a ruling is made.

This is a scary and stressful time for a parent or guardian and the child. If your child is placed in another person’s care for the duration of the trial, we can help you navigate through the process and reunite you with your child quickly. The child deserves to be with loving caregivers who understand their needs.

Before that’s achievable, you must prove to the court that you didn’t do the alleged against you. Having a lawyer present will ensure you receive a fair trial and a higher chance of getting your child back home. It’s not impossible to do, but those who go at it alone often find that the agencies and courts outnumber them.

Contact a Lawyer for Juvenile Dependency in Beverly Hills, CA

Once accused of child neglect or abuse in Beverly Hills, CA, it’s crucial to find a lawyer to assist you. All Trial Lawyers have a team of legal professionals who can help with your case immediately.

Each person here believes that parents and guardians facing such horrible accusations deserve a proper defense. We will ensure that you retain your rights while you fight for your children.

This is a trying time, but we’re here to keep child custody rights intact. The goal is for you to get back to everyday family life with your kids. That’s not impossible to do, but it takes skill from a lawyer team who cares.

Parents and guardians can rely on All Trial Lawyers in Beverly Hills, CA. Contact us today at (866) 811-4255 for a free consultation, or use the online contact form. It’s the best decision you can make while fighting to keep your children at home!


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