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Garden Grove Personal Injury Attorney

If you have sustained injuries or lost a loved one in an accident caused by someone else, you might be entitled to compensation for your losses. After an injury accident, you may be left with more than just medical bills and property damage. Personal injury losses often include lost wages, loss of earning capacity, future medical expenses, and loss of quality of life.

At ALL Trial Lawyers, our lawyers understand the significance of personal injuries. We know the impact that injuries can have on you after an accident and how they can continue to impact you and your family in the future. When someone else’s misconduct caused your accident and resulting injuries, you should not have to pay for your losses, and they should be held accountable. Contact us to schedule a free case consultation with one of our lawyers.

Our Garden Grove Personal Injury Practice

  • When we take on your personal injury case, you are not represented by an individual. You are represented by a team of attorneys pursuing maximum compensation for the injuries and damages you have sustained.
  • Our attorneys have decades of experience representing clients in personal injury claims. We understand how important financial compensation is for your physical recovery and financial and emotional well-being. We will put our knowledge, skills, and diverse experience to work for you.
  • You do not have to worry about charges for our legal representation because our attorneys do not collect up-front costs or attorneys’ fees. We are only paid for our legal services after successfully securing compensation for your injuries and damages.

How We Can Help

To succeed in your personal injury claim, you must prove liability and damages. Even if you think your case is straightforward and liability is clear, the other side may place some of the blame on a third party or even on you, the injured claimant. If you were partially at fault for the accident, you might still be entitled to compensation for your injuries. See the section below for more information about comparative fault laws in California.

Our attorneys will begin working on your case immediately. We will investigate your accident, interview witnesses, and gather evidence to prove fault and causation. When defendants and their insurance companies know that you have solid evidence and your case is trial-ready, they will be more likely to agree to settlement terms that fairly compensate you for your losses.

In addition to proving fault and liability, we will help you discover and determine the full extent of your injuries and damages. Defendants often argue that the plaintiff’s injuries are not as severe or extensive as claimed. We help our clients secure important information and documentation, such as medical records and reports, medical examination results, and opinions regarding their long-term outlook and future medical needs.

We also hire experts to help prove our clients’ injuries and damages. For example, we may use a medical expert to testify about the severity of your injuries and how they impact you now and in the future. Financial experts may be necessary to provide testimony about the monetary damages you have suffered and the future losses you are expected to face, such as loss of earning capacity and anticipated future medical expenses.

California Comparative Fault Laws

As mentioned above, if you were partially at fault for the accident that resulted in your injuries, you are not necessarily prohibited from pursuing compensation from other responsible parties. California is what is known as a pure comparative negligence state, which means that even if you were 99% at fault for the accident that caused your injuries, you may still bring a claim against another party that was 1% at fault for the accident.

After the accident fault is allocated between parties, the defendant will be responsible for paying his or her proportionate share of your damages. For example, let’s assume that you and the defendant were found to each be 50% at fault for the accident that caused your injuries and damages. If the total value of your losses is $100,000, the defendant would be responsible for paying $50,000 (50% of your total losses).

Types of Personal Injury Claims

Our law firm handles all types of personal injury claims, including the following:

  • Car accident cases typically involve one or more drivers responsible for the accident and their insurance companies. In some cases, your own insurance company may also be involved. For example, you may turn to your insurance company for coverage when your accident involved an uninsured or underinsured motorist.
  • Motorcycle, bicycle, and pedestrian accidents frequently result in catastrophic injuries and damages. Injuries are sometimes fatal, and even when they are not, injury victims often face permanent injuries, disfigurement, and disability.
  • Wrongful death claims are generally brought on behalf of family members who have lost a loved one to a fatal injury accident caused by someone else’s negligent or reckless conduct. Under some circumstances, a survival action may also be brought on behalf of the estate to recover the decedent’s losses incurred before he or she died.
  • Premises liability claims involve accidents and injuries that occur on someone else’s property. Owners must keep their property safe from dangerous conditions, and when they don’t, they may be liable for resulting injuries and damages. Common types of premises liability claims include dog bites, parking lot injuries, slip and falls, negligent security, and swimming pool accidents.
  • Large truck and commercial vehicle accidents are often the result of negligent driving, training, and hiring practices, and they often involve violations of state and federal regulations. Semi-trucks, delivery trucks, and other large commercial vehicle accidents can cause severe and sometimes fatal injuries.

Call Our Garden Grove Personal Injury Lawyer

Our personal injury attorneys at ALL Trial Lawyers, will put our experience to work for you and pursue the best possible legal outcome for your claim. We value the trust that our clients place in our representation, and we will fight for maximum compensation for your personal injury claim. Contact our office at (866) 811-4255 for a no-cost and no-obligation case consultation.

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