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Do Social Workers Go to Court in Juvenile Dependency Cases? Important Information You Should Know 2024

January 23, 2024

Do social workers go to court in juvenile dependency cases? call best juvenile dependency lawyer

Do Social Workers Go to Court in Juvenile Dependency Cases?

Social workers can go to court to testify in juvenile dependency cases. In addition, if a social worker is needed to testify about their findings in an investigation or provide other relevant information, the judge may order them to appear. Sometimes, a court-appointed attorney may also request the social worker’s appearance. 

Social workers have to do much more than go to court and testify about a case. Besides technically being a witness in the legal system, social workers often work with the people in the court case before, during, and after court proceedings.

This can entail explaining what will happen in court, providing individuals with resources or referrals for assistance outside of court, or fostering healthy relationships between those involved in a legal matter if possible.

Through their involvement with cases, both pre-and post-courtroom visitations, their cooperation helps lead to an understanding between parties that may not have been there otherwise.

Social Workers Play an Essential Role in Juvenile Dependency Cases

Social workers are a vital part of the juvenile dependency court process. They act as intermediaries between the court and children, relaying information while advocating for the child’s best interests. 

 Social workers investigate every case that is assigned to them. The reports or allegations of child abuse can come from the police or an anonymous source. It is important to remember that social workers are investigating because they suspect child abuse or child neglect is happening in the home. 

Once they investigate, if they believe that there is enough evidence to support the allegations of child abuse or child neglect, they may remove the children from home and will open a juvenile dependency case against the parents. 

Social Workers Investigation and Reports Are Crucial in a Juvenile Dependency Case

Social workers are essential components of the juvenile dependency process, as their gathering of information and conclusions in an investigation informs the court’s decisions.

The court reviews reports that detail the lifestyle and family situation of the child(ren) in question, any potential risks or underlying issues, and relevant social history to ensure a fair resolution for all parties involved.

In addition, social worker observations provide information that can be relied upon to make informed assessments when assessing a case. 

Social Workers Are Not Parents’ Friends

Social workers have an important job in looking out for the well-being of vulnerable members of society, especially children. Although social workers say they sincerely care about their clients and sometimes form strong relationships with them, they must always remain objective and maintain a professional distance.

Unfortunately, a social worker’s bias or lack of professionalism can make juvenile dependency cases harder for parents. If a social worker is investigating you, you must remember that they are not your friend, and anything you say can and will be used against you to take your children away. 


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