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Diamond Bar Rideshare Accident Attorney

Rideshare services like Uber and Lyft offer a convenient and affordable transportation option, so it makes sense that their services have increased over the past several years in southern California. Unfortunately, an increase in rideshare services is also accompanied by an increase in rideshare accidents. Liability issues can be complicated, which can make securing compensation for your injuries and damages difficult.

Uber and Lyft accidents are challenging because drivers, rideshare companies, and insurance companies rarely admit liability, and their settlement offers often do not fairly compensate you for your losses. The personal injury attorneys at ALL Trial Lawyers, represent clients who have been injured in rideshare accidents. We aggressively pursue full and fair compensation from all responsible parties.

Our Rideshare Accident Practice

  • Our attorneys know California’s rideshare accident laws and how they apply in different Uber and Lyft accident scenarios. Rideshare companies are often the first to tout their services but the last to take responsibility for accidents and injuries caused by their drivers. We will pursue all liable parties to ensure that they are held accountable.
  • We care about our clients’ well-being, and we work diligently and aggressively to secure maximum compensation in our personal injury cases. Our attorneys work on a contingency fee basis so that our clients are not responsible for paying attorneys’ fees until they have secured a financial recovery.
  • We know that rideshare companies and insurance companies are focused on their finances, and they can increase profits by denying or undervaluing your injury claim. Our attorneys are not afraid to take big businesses to trial when it is in our injured clients’ best interests.

Rideshare Accident Liability

California has imposed regulations and laws for rideshare company operations in our state. Drivers and rideshare companies are required to carry minimum liability insurance policies for accident injuries and damages. They must also comply with vehicle inspection and background check regulations.

Factors that impact accident liability include who was at fault for the accident, whether or not the driver’s rideshare app was open, and whether or not the driver had accepted a ride request. Even when liability is clear, responsible parties often deny responsibility or make a settlement offer that does not fully cover all of your accident losses.

How We Can Help

When you have a legal advocate pursuing your claim, you have a better chance of recovering compensation that fully covers your injuries and damages. In most Uber and Lyft accident cases, one or more insurance companies are typically responsible for paying your claim. Our attorneys regularly work with insurance adjusters, and we make it clear that we will not settle for an amount that does not fairly compensate our injured clients.

We investigate our clients’ accidents and immediately begin gathering evidence to prepare their cases for trial. Insurance adjusters want to pay the least amount possible for their claims, and they also want to avoid going to trial. When they know that our attorneys are prepared and would rather try a claim in court than settle for an inadequate amount of compensation, adjusters are usually more reasonable in settlement negotiations.

Contact a Rideshare Accident Attorney

If you or a loved one has been injured in a rideshare accident, the personal injury attorneys at ALL Trial Lawyers, can help. We provide no-cost and no-obligation consultations to go over your case and potential legal remedies. You should not have to pay for injuries and damages caused by someone else’s negligence. Contact our office at (866) 811-4255 to schedule your no-cost and no-obligation consultation.

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