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Can Car Accident Injuries Show Up Later? – Important Information to Help 2022

CAN CAR ACCIDENT INJURIES SHOW UP LATER? Best car accident lawyers near me

Can Car Accident Injuries Show Up Later?

Some car crashes are so violent that an ambulance is required to take injured people to the hospital. They might get burns, a fractured bone, a fractured skull, or a crush injury, all of which need urgent medical attention.

However, after many crashes, motorists may believe they are all right or only have a few minor pains, but this is often proven false later when injuries and issues begin to develop.

The majority of car accident injuries may take time to appear. Nevertheless, the medical bills associated with these injuries exceed thousands of dollars, and they commonly keep individuals from working and making a livelihood.

Therefore, after a car accident, it is generally a good idea to be checked for both physical and mental injuries.

Types Of Injuries That May Not Appear Right Away

Victims commonly seek medical attention when their injuries begin to develop several hours after the vehicle accident.

Make an appointment or head to the nearest emergency department or urgent care facility immediately if it has been a few hours, days, or even weeks following the collision and you are just now experiencing indications of injury.

These injuries have the potential to be extremely serious, even fatal.

Following a car accident, several injuries may take a while to appear, including:

  • Bruising: It may take hours or days for bruises or contusions to appear. Most bruises are minor and will go away on their own. However, significant bruising could be a sign of a more serious injury.
  • Whiplash: Whiplash is a common neck injury caused by auto accidents, although it may take days or weeks for symptoms to show up.
  • Back and Neck injuries: Damaged discs, strained muscles, and other neck and back injuries may not become apparent for several days or even weeks after the collision.
  • Chronic Broad Pain: Although chronic broad pain is commonly apparent right away, it has the potential to get much worse in the days, weeks, and even years following the initial collision.
  • Internal Bleeding: Internal bleeding may not appear for up to three days following a car collision.
  • Concussions: It may take hours, days, or even weeks for concussion symptoms to appear. Even though concussions are generally minor brain injuries, a doctor should treat them.
  • Mental Health Disorders: Serious auto accidents can result in anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and other crippling mental health disorders, the symptoms of which may not show up for weeks, months, or even years.

Important Things To Consider Post-Car Accident

If you were in a vehicle accident, you must be aware of the delayed injury symptoms so you can get immediate medical attention if they appear.

It can be challenging to identify the precise damage you may have because the symptoms of a delayed car accident injury vary based on the kind of injury, and many of the symptoms of other injuries overlap.

After an accident, getting medical attention is critical as soon as you discover any new or unexpected physical or mental health changes.


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Car accident injuries can have a life-altering impact on the victim and their family. If you have been injured in a car accident in California, it is important to understand your legal rights.

The information in this blog post is general information only. It is not legal advice and should not be treated as such.

An experienced car accident injuries lawyer will be able to protect your rights and ensure that you are fairly compensated for your injuries. So don’t wait. Contact an attorney today if you have a California car accident lawsuit. 

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