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Can CPS Call the Police? Important Information You Need to Know – 2022

Can CPS Call the Police? It’s a question that many parents ask: can CPS call the police? The answer, unfortunately, is yes. Under California Welfare and Institutions Code section 300, child abuse and neglect can lead to juvenile dependency and…

What Questions to Ask a Lawyer About a Car Accident? – Important Information 2022

WHAT QUESTIONS TO ASK A LAWYER ABOUT A CAR ACCIDENT? What should you do if you were injured in a car accident? Most individuals think their only option is to submit an insurance claim. However, who will cover your other…

Can a Car Crash Cause PTSD? – Important Information 2022

CAN A CAR CRASH CAUSE PTSD? Many individuals overlook the serious emotional and psychological impact that may follow a car accident. There are frequently long-term psychological effects when someone is hurt or killed, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). PTSD: What…
November 6, 2022

What CPS Can and Cannot Do in California – Important Information 2022

Many things need to be clarified about what Child Protective Services (CPS) can and cannot do in California. In this blog post, we will dispel some myths and give you a clear understanding of what social workers can and cannot…

How is a Car Accident Settlement Calculated in California? – Helpful Information 2022

HOW IS A CAR ACCIDENT SETTLEMENT CALCULATED IN CALIFORNIA? Car crashes are horrifying and traumatic. Victims of car accidents may have severe injuries that need prolonged medical care and rehabilitation. Additionally, victims can have lengthy unemployment, which would mean a…
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