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Arraignment & Initial Plea Post

February 10, 2022

Arraignment & Initial Plea When the Defendant is Initially Brought to Court

During the Arraignment, the Judge will inform a person of the criminal charges the People of California (the Office of the District Attorney) are accusing them of committing. The accused person is referred to as a Criminal Defendant. The accused is also informed of the Constitutional Rights they have. However, these advisements typically happen very quickly and may be hard for someone who has no legal training to understand. The Judge will then ask the Defendant how they initially plead. At this time, the Defendant can enter a plea of guilty or not guilty. The Arraignment occurs before any Pre-Trial dates and before the Defendant has had a chance to review any evidence (or Discovery) that the District Attorney is using to accuse the Defendant of the alleged crime.

When Should I Retain an Attorney?

The best time to retain an attorney is usually right before an Arraignment if possible. If it is not possible to retain an attorney before the Arraignment, a person accused of a crime should hire an attorney immediately after the Arraignment. Entering into a plea agreement with the court without an attorney can be very dangerous and can subject a person to many unknown consequences. 

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