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Southern California Trial Lawyers

At ALL Trial Lawyers, we understand what our injured clients are going through, and we pursue the compensation that they deserve

Our team of attorneys fights for clients and prevents them from becoming mistreated or taken advantage of by wrongdoers and insurance companies utilizing the court system. Our attorneys have represented thousands of clients throughout Orange County, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, and San Diego, handling cases of all severities with great success.

We are trial-ready. Our lawyers have over 55+ jury and bench trials under their belt, delivering tremendous victories to clients throughout California. These victories are indicative of the level of expertise, experience, and dedication we bring to our cases.  Whether your personal injury claim involves a car accident, work injury, negligence, or dog bites, no case is too big or too small. The cases our attorneys have handled have been featured on local media outlets throughout Los Angeles and Orange County areas, and national outlets as well.

How We Can Help You Pursue a Personal Injury Claim

Let us tell your story. Our team will begin on your case right away— working collaboratively towards fighting to deliver you the best results possible. We provide each of our clients with a unique evaluation of their case— distinguishing ourselves through an aggressive motions practice, exhaustive trial preparation, and relentless commitment to each case.

Unlike other firms, our attorneys are not afraid of trial. We are also not afraid to take on any type of defendant and their insurance companies in personal injury claims. We know that insurance companies can make collecting full financial recoveries difficult, but we understand the tactics they use, and we will not cave to unreasonable settlement offers.

Valuing Your Personal Injury Case

We thoroughly evaluate our clients’ losses to determine past, ongoing, and future accident-related damages. In order to pursue maximum compensation, it is critical to accurately calculate the total value of your injuries and damages. Recoverable losses for personal injury cases may include economic and non-economic damages.

Economic damages compensate you for monetary losses, such as lost wages, loss of earning capacity, medical expenses, and future medical costs. Noneconomic damages relate to intangible losses, and they are more difficult to calculate. These losses frequently include compensation for pain and suffering, mental anguish, disability, and disfigurement. If the defendant’s conduct was egregious, punitive damages might be awarded as well.

If your loved one suffered fatal injuries in a personal injury accident, we can help you pursue the responsible party under a wrongful death claim for the damages that you have suffered. If your loved one survived and experienced losses after the accident before he or she died, compensation for your loved one’s damages may be recoverable under a survival action.

ALL Trial Lawyers is a distinguished, award-winning law firm that specializes in personal injury & dependency law. We are a team of trial lawyers committed to justice and on your side.
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Mo Abuershaid, Esq.
Founding attorney

Personal Injury Claims and Insurance Companies

Unfortunately, injured claimants who are not represented by an attorney usually find themselves at a disadvantage when it comes to settlement negotiations. Insurance adjusters contact claimants to ask questions about the accident and injuries sustained. Those conversations are recorded and can be used against the claimant to reduce or deny compensation.

As part of our legal representation, we handle all communication and negotiations with insurance companies. When you are represented by an attorney, insurance adjusters are not permitted to contact you directly and are required to contact your attorney instead.

Our goal in every case is to deliver our clients the best results possible, whether that be by way of trial or delivering the best settlement offer possible. Let us fight for you.

Contact Our Personal Injury Attorneys Today

At ALL Trial Lawyers, our goals are to make the recovery process as easy as possible for our clients and to help them secure maximum compensation for their losses. With decades of experience representing injured clients, we understand the challenges you are facing. We will be with you at every step of your personal injury case while aggressively pursuing the compensation that you deserve. Call us today to schedule your no-cost and no-obligation case consultation with one of our attorneys.

"My experience with All Trial Lawyers, specifically Mo Abuershaid was extraordinary. He was very communicative, understanding, compassionate towards us, and made himself available for questions at any point. Mo assured me from the start that he would help my family with a legal issue and followed through in the end. Overall, this law firm is professional, diligent all while being understanding of a situation. I highly recommend them."
Alicia L.
Previous Client
"I highly recommend Mo and the ALL Trial Lawyers team!
From the first message and phone call, I felt heard and was treated with respect. They are a very determined and professional firm. They helped me when I didnt know where else to turn! Mo handled my case flawlessly and got the most ideal outcome possible.
I was given the very convenient and generous option of a payment plan. It made things much easier on me and their service was worth every penny! Mo was always a text/call/email away anytime I had a question or needed clarification. I was updated on absolutely everything in a very timely manner.
Mo helped me through one of the most difficult times of my life. I'm so grateful for his hard work and years of professional experience."

He did an amazing job. I can't thank them enough!!!"
Stephanie S.
Previous Client
"Looking for a good law firm can be very daunting, and frustrating but Mohammed Abuershaid at ALL trial lawyers was in contact with me from start to finish and was always available to answer any questions. Highly recommend!”
Hamza L.
Previous Client
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